Helping nonprofit organizations thrive has always been important to me. After working for 22 years in the Boston Globe Newspaper’s Advertising Department, my business and marketing skills were honed, but I felt something was missing so I ventured out on my own to become more involved with the nonprofit world. I started a marketing consulting firm, Cross World Marketing, which works with both nonprofit and for-profit companies.

Even while I was at The Globe I spent nights and weekends as a volunteer at Rosie’s Place in Boston, MA, the first shelter exclusively for homeless women in the country. I served meals to women and their children and spent countless hours just listening to their stories. When I joined the Rosie’s Board of Directors I became the Fund Raising Chair. Together with one other Board member, we organized the first-ever, large-scale public fund raiser for Rosie’s Place netting $40,000. Making that much money in one night was really terrific, but what is even more exciting is that, nearly 20 years later, this has become an annual event for Rosie’s and has grown to raise nearly a million dollars each year! Up until this event Rosie’s had depended solely on individual donations to meet their needs.

I have also raised thousands of dollars on behalf of many nonprofit organizations, schools and orphanages in the Caribbean. As a Board member of the Caribbean Travel Organization, raising money for various groups throughout that region gave me tremendous satisfaction. The most gratifying experience was delivering supplies and of course, money to these groups. Hugging children and seeing their tears of happiness was priceless.

Supporting the arts is also a priority for me. I am a founding Board Member of The Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts, a nonprofit organization established to build a performing arts center in southeastern Arizona. Being involved with this group as they were forming allowed me to utilize my marketing, public relations, and organizational skills to help this group get off the ground for a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

More important than the professional and business skills I possess, is my passion for your cause, my resourcefulness in finding money sources, and my dedication and persistence in getting the job done. You have my word that I will work to my very best ability to get the right grant funding for your organization.

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