The easiest way to begin is by contacting me and describing the program or areas that need funding. We will then ask for a brief summary of the program in writing and some background information about your organization. Some of the initial questions we may ask include:

History of the organization
Current status of organization
Staffing structure
Overall budget and project budget
Make-up of board composition
501(c)3 incorporation status

For more questions on how to get started, click here (download PDF).

After we learn more about your group, we will evaluate whether we are the right grant writing professionals for you. There is no fee for the initial evaluation. If we determine we’re not a good fit, we will make every effort to recommend other grant writing professionals.

Once we agree that this is a project we can pursue together, Global Grants will send you a draft Contract Services Agreement outlining the project, time-frame, and projected costs. The Contract will specify deadlines, our responsibilities to you, and the end products that we will produce for your organization.

In accordance with the Association of Fund Raising Professionals (AFP) guidelines, we do not work on a commission or contingency basis. (See Fees tab for rates.)

An initial non-refundable downpayment of funds is required. The amount of the downpayment is dependant on the services contracted.

At this time we will make any changes to the Contract if necessary. Once the Contract is signed and the downpayment is received we will begin work.

For further information please contact Cindy Rabbitt.

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