Global Grants believes we are much more alike than we are different. We all face similar problems and issues and many of the non-profit organizations throughout the world confront the same challenges, too, with funding often at the top of the list. That is why Global Grants was founded.

Global Grants defines success as building mutually beneficial short and long-term relationships with charitable organizations by writing grant proposals which deliver the necessary funding so that your organization can sustain projects and programs that fulfill goals, objectives and your mission.

Owner and sole proprietor of Global Grants, Cindy Rabbitt, is committed to your cause. Her resourcefulness in finding money and her dedication and persistence in getting the job done ensure that Global Grants will do everything possible to get the right grant funding for your organization.

Global Grants has been built on respect and good faith. Happiness is key to the success of our company. Success will be equally measured by the level of happiness and ease experienced by everyone involved with Global Grants, both internally and externally and the fair compensation Global Grants receives as it delivers funds to your group. The happiness is derived from the satisfaction of coming together with like-minded people, both employees and clients, to help nonprofit organizations flourish.

Global Grants is dedicated to doing the best possible job at all times. We are committed to ongoing education and will continue learning about trends in the field of grant writing through attendance at professional conferences and self-directed learning from various resources including printed and online material.

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