Global Grants provides services in the areas of:

Program Development Assistance.
Funding Searches.
Proposal Writing Services including nonprofit Letters of Inquiry, and complete Grant Proposals. Proposal Critique and Review.
Board Retreats and Facilitations.

Program Development.
In order to write effective grant proposals the programs seeking funding must be well defined. In order to get funding, budgets for these programs must be appropriate and the programs must have built-in ways to measure and sustain their success. Global Grants offers Program Development Assistance which may be required before proceeding with the grant application process.

Funding Searches.
In some cases, the Executive Director or Board of Director may wish to pursue the grant application process on his/her own, but does not have the time, resources or knowledge to uncover appropriate sources of funding. Global Grants will research appropriate public and private sources of grant funding and provide you with a comprehensive list of potential grantors including names, addresses, phone and email addresses, and overview of giving philosophy.

Proposal Writing Services.

Non-profit Letters of Inquiry.
Many foundations and other funding sources require an invitation before a grant proposal or request can be submitted. If the Letter of Inquiry is not effectively written clearly conveying the need for funding, then the request to apply for funds may be denied. Global Grants offers the service of writing Letters of Inquiry.

Grant Proposals.
Global Grants also offers complete Grant Writing Proposal services including the above services. Complete Grant Writing proposals will be charged on a per project, rather than per hour basis.

Critique and Review of existing Grant Proposals.
Global Grants offers to critique and review Grant Proposals already written before they are submitted to the funding source. Having an editor review your proposal may bring greater clarity and objectivity to your request, therefore increasing your chances of funding.

Stakeholder Board Facilitations/ Board Retreats.
Regular, off-site meetings help keep your organization on track. These can be arranged as half, full or multiple day events. Using an outside Facilitator allows each Board Member to participate fully without taking on the responsibility of organizing and running the meeting. A Facilitator also brings objectivity and a different prospective from those immersed in the organization. These meetings provide forums to help an organization expand, diversify, develop programming, set annual goals and priorities. They allow a group to critically look both within the organization and also to examine how their group is presented and perceived by the general public and most importantly by potential funders. Prices for Board Facilitation will vary depending on extent of services.

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