There are many reasons to hire a professional grant writer, but here are a few of the most important:

The work you do is extremely important.
Your Executive Director is stretched to the max.
Your volunteer Board has already committed more time and resources than is reasonable.
You have limited staff.
Funds you have received in previous years are no longer available because of the troubled economy.
Donations are down.
Resources are required to run your organization: capital, equipment, people.
People in your community are counting on you.
New programs or enlarging existing programs may require additional money not previously budgeted.

Your odds of securing a grant are increased with a professional grant writer.
A good grant writer will know what sources of funding are right for your organization’s project. Creating the correct synergies between those asking and those giving are critical in securing the funds. No matter how important your work is or how well your grant is written if you don’t go after the right source of money, you will not be awarded. It’s that simple.

A reputable grant writer subscribes to high levels of ethical behavior. The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), one of the nation’s premier business support groups for the industry, outlines a strict code of ethical principles and standards for their members. Here is a partial list of the expectations from the AFP.

AFP members, both individual and business, aspire to:

Practice their profession with integrity, honesty, truthfulness and adherence to the absolute obligation to safeguard the public trust;

Act according to the highest goals and visions of their organizations, professions, clients and consciences;

Put philanthropic mission above personal gain;

Inspire others through their own sense of dedication and high purpose;

Foster culture, diversity and pluralistic values and treat all people with dignity and respect;

Encourage colleagues to embrace and practice these ethical principles and standards.

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