How a professional grant writer gets paid.

There is some controversy regarding payment methods. The grant writing industry recommends paying grant writing consultants on a per hour or per project basis. The per hour fee ranges from a low of $35 per hour to $100 and more per hour; a very wide range. The practice of paying a percentage of the funds received or paying on a bonus or commission basis is discouraged.

Global Grants will charge a set rate per hour for all services provided as we believe that all aspects of the grant application process are equally important, from evaluating the program to writing the initial Letter of Inquiry, to ultimately submitting the final grant proposal. Each function deserves the same attention to detail and every step combines to create a successful end result.

Understanding how many hours of background work, research and preparation that go into the grant writing process may help explain the reasons why the grant writing industry recommends paying your professional consultant by the hour.

Some of the best researched, most carefully and creatively written grants still do not get funded. A grant writer who gives you a 100% guarantee of success should raise questions about his or her integrity. No one can guarantee that you will get the funds for which you have applied. Be clear before you begin working with a professional grant writer. Ask what it is they will do for your organization, in what time-frame will they do it, and what your recourse is if they do not.

Global Grants guarantees to do our best possible in every circumstance. We will make it very clear what work will be done and in what time-frame. We will charge a fair and reasonable fee either per hour or per project for the work we do.

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